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Exchange Email

All Employees and Faculty members have an email account through the Exchange system.

You will access your email using the same username and password that you use for Campus Connect.

Email can be accessed by first logging in to Campus Connect and clicking on the Email+ icon and then logging in to OWA.

You can also access email through the direct link:

Outlook Web Access

I need a tutorial on how to use OWA
You can find a great tutorial on the Microsoft website. Click Here
How do I use Outlook on my desktop?
Microsoft has a tutorial for that on their website.  Click Here
Can I setup email on my iPhone, Android, or Blackberry?

Instructions on how to setup your iPhone are here.

Instructions on how to setup your Android are here.

Blackberry's are no longer supported.

How do I create an Out of Office Message in Outlook?
How do I Archive my Outlook email?
How do I setup Outlook 2007/2010 on my home computer?

1. Start Outlook

2. When prompted for creating a Email Account Profile, choose "Yes" (you can also create a new profile by going to "Mail" in the Control Panel).

3. Choose the top option of "E-mail Account"

4. Enter your name, full email address, and password twice.

5. Outlook should complete your logon and bring up your Ivy Tech Email Inbox!

NOTE: You must be running Outlook 2007 or 2010 for this to work.

How do I set up Outlook 2007 on an Ivy Tech network?

1. Start Outlook

2. At "Outlook 2007 Startup" click Next

3. Select yes, Click Next

4. Outlook will query Active Directory for your information based on the currently logged on user. If correct click Next

5. Click Finish

1. If this will be a laptop user account (will use off-campus) follow these steps if Outlook is already configured and running.

2. Select Tools and Account Settings

3. Select the email address of the account to configure, and click Change

4. Click More Settings

5. Select Connection tab

6. Select box "Connect to my Exchange mailbox using HTTP, click Exchange Proxy Settings

7. In connection settings text box enter

8. Confirm "Connect using SSL only" and "On slow networks,..." are both selected

9. Confirm Proxy authentication settings: NTLM Authentication

10. Click OK, OK, Next, Finish, and Close. The RPC over HTTPS will not be available until the next time Outlook is started.

Note: When you are using the RPC over HTTPS connection you will receive an authentication request from Outlook. Enter "ivytech\username" and your password.

Also, it is advisable to clear your cache before logging in again, as well.

What are the smart phone settings for Exchange?

iPhone, Palm, Android, smart phone email configuration for Ivy Tech Exchange:

  • Email:
  • Server:
  • Username: Your Ivy Tech Username
  • Password: Your Ivy Tech Password
  • Use SSL: On

Do Not Use "IVYTECH\username" in the Username field

Why does my Blackberry send but doesn't receive email?
To correct this issue you will need to do the following:

1. Delete the old account

2. Create the account using the correct email address and an INVALID password

3. On the next screen, choose “provide additional settings”

4. Choose “Microsoft Outlook Web Access”

5. Enter the correct password

Web Access URL:

User:   ivytech\your username

Mailbox name:   your username