Going Green

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Get your green on...It's more than a school color!

At Ivy Tech Community College, we recognize our responsibility to take care of the earth for ourselves and future generations. We understand the importance of sustaining the natural resources we all share. As an institution of higher learning, we also know that we can play a vital role in educating the environmental stewards of today and tomorrow.

Generally speaking, schools represent a large sector of the waste producers in this country, and they are typically some of the larger institutions in every municipality. If schools embrace environmentally responsible behaviors, there will be an immediate favorable impact on its communities and schools that model and teach environmentally responsible principles to students will have a long-term impact on their communities.

Embracing this knowledge, Ivy Tech has launched a Green initiative designed to help us fulfill our environmental commitment. With students, faculty members, employees, alumni and facilities in multiple locations throughout the state of Indiana, our possibilities for creating positive change are endless.

The responsibility of a greener, sustainable environment rests on all of us, and specifically college leadership.  Sustainability is about being environmentally friendly but, even more so, it's about process and participation.  It's about developing an awareness of everything we do, the choices we make, the products we purchase, the materials we use, and the waste we produce.  To serve as an example and a catalyst of environmental awareness to the college community, Ivy Tech leaders in Facilities, Finance, & Procurement strive to incorporate sustainable practices throughout operations.

Achieving environmental sustainability will be a challenge, and we encourage everyone to expand their awareness of sustainability both within the college and throughout the communities in which we live.  Check out this Quick Reference Guide to learn more about sustainability and what we can do to give back to our planet.

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