Going Green

Green Initiatives

Ivy Tech strives to deliver education in an environmentally responsible manner. We understand that our success is dependent upon the environment and the sustainability of the natural resources we all share. We also know that we must continually innovate to reduce the environmental costs of delivering higher education now and in the future.

There are a number of initiatives that the College is engaged in to reduce its energy consumption and the impact on the environment.  See whats going on around the state.


Bloomington also has done a great job in getting multiple college groups involved in their recycling initiatives.  The Ecology club and Student Government have provided funding for recycling containers, and the facilities department works to empty bins.  Currently the region recycles paper, magazines, newspapers, plastic bottles, aluminum cans, batteries, and ink cartridges.

Central Indiana (Indianapolis)

Central Indiana faculty and staff launched a Single Stream Recycling effort, February, 2011 to include collection of campus paper, cardboard, aluminum and steel cans, and plastics numbered 1-7. The recycling effort continues on all Central Indiana campuses.

In coalition with Honeywell and Lucid, the Central Indiana main campus refurbished lighting with high efficiency ballasts and energy efficient lamps. Occupancy sensors installed within classrooms, offices and hallways help reduce the energy costs, along with, IT programs to manage computer energy by supplying a centralized overnight shut-off for all computers statewide. In Central Indiana, high efficiency cooling and heating updated the North Meridian Center’s outdated boiler system. In water, faucet aerators and high efficiency flush toilets have reduced the usage and waste of that utility.

Lucid has provided a monitoring system for the North Meridian Center and the Glick Technology Center that can be viewed physically on campus or accessed at this web address:

TOUCHSCREEN DASHBOARD: http://www.buildingdashboard.com/clients/ivytech/ HTML

DASHBOARD VERSION: http://buildingdashboard.net/ivytech/

The interactive dashboard can be utilized in the classroom or the office for important energy data.

Recently, solar panels were installed as part of the Glick Technology Center allowing the college to capture the sun and sell part of its energy back to Indianapolis Power and Light.

Most recently, the campus welcomed an addition to the downtown site, revitalizing a former hospital to become classrooms, offices, gathering space and café, computer and science labs and room to grow. Emphasis was placed on developing the building as a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Silver level building. Another building in progress on the campus will follow the same guidelines. Other environmental initiatives include purchase of recycled printer cartridges and recycling of them.

A Green Task Learning Community under the direction of James Barney, Executive Facilities Director, works to continue to promote and energize efforts on the campus in the name of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.


11.5.2012 Region Update

The Columbus/Franklin Region has recycling efforts in place for cardboard, paper, plastics, and cans.  The Region partners with Abitibi Consolidated Recycling for our paper recycling efforts. Collection containers are placed throughout the buildings in copy centers and high-paper- use offices.  Additionally, the Region’s confidential /sensitive documents are shredded on site by Cintas Document Management Services and 100% of the paper is recycled.  Columbus City Utilities provides cardboard recycling containers to support the Region’s cardboard recycling efforts.  Plastic and can recycling bins are placed in vending areas and taken to local recycling centers for processing.

East Central (Anderson, Marion, Muncie, New Castle)

10.15.2012 Region Update

The East Central Region is committed to promoting Green initiatives across all campuses. “Get Your Green On” posters are posted at the region’s three campuses. We are retro-fitting our older T-12 light fixtures to a more energy efficient and environmentally friendly T-8.  Furthermore, the region has partnered with local vendors to increase our confidential and cardboard recycling in order to help preserve our natural resources. The region’s copy centers promote duplex printing to cut down on the amount of paper used and supplies scratch paper for the tutorting centers. The region also asks faculty to take full advantage of online tools, such as Blackboard, for posting grades and having students submit  assignments and papers.  The Honor Society and Phi Theta Kappa have played an instrumental role in the college’s Green initiative by recycling ink cartridges, cell phones and old textbooks. The Anderson campus annually sponsors the “Ivy Tech Green Mile” event, where students come together and clean up trash from in front of there campus.  

Kokomo (Kokomo, Logansport, Wabash)

Currently, our Kokomo region has placed recycling bins in each classroom, the library, and various offices to collect paper.  Student Government works alongside the Facilities Department to compile all the recyclable paper and the city of Kokomo sends someone to pick up the materials to be recycled on a recurring basis.


Lafayette has been very successful in getting participants from all areas of their region involved with their green initiatives.  Currently, Lafayette has sustainable programs driven by the facilities department, students, as well as academic departments.  They have also been one of Ivy Tech's most innovative regions when it comes to finding ways to be sustainable.

        Facilities Driven Green Programs include:

  • Desk side office recycling
  • Cardboard recycling
  • Fluorescent tube and battery recycling
  • Newspaper Recycling
  • Plastic bottle and aluminum can recycling
  • Carpet recycling
  •  Use of green certified cleaning chemicals
  • Green certified or recycled fiber paper products in restrooms
  • Green certified hand soap in restrooms

        Student Driven Green Programs:

  • Ink and toner cartridge recycling
  • Cell phone recycling

        School Driven Green Programs:

  • Automotive Labs - Recycle waste from oil furnace
  • Technology Labs - Recycle different metals

        Recycling projects that are being explored by Lafayette:

  • Single stream recycling (addition of glass to be recycled - 2010)
  • Electronic recycling
  • Alternative Fuel Vehicle (Donated vehicle for research)
  • Construction material recycling
North Central (Elkhart, South Bend, Warsaw)

Currently, the North Central Region is looking at contracting with Waste Management to begin a single stream recycling program.  As of now, Student Government and Student Life groups maintain recycling bins placed in the Cyber Cafe' and some office spaces.

Northeast (Fort Wayne)

Our Northeast Region does a great job in getting various school groups involved with recycling throughout the region.  Currently, Fort Wayne recycles aluminum cans, plastic bottles, toner cartridges, cardboard, and old textbooks.  The region also places bins around campus to collect donations of professional clothing for students.  Special thanks to Pi Kappa Theta for your Green efforts in our Northeast region.

Our Northeast region was also the first region, of hopefully many, to hold a "Free Cycling Day" event. If you are interested in having your own Free Cycling Day Event, Click Here for more details.

Northwest (East Chicago, Gary, Michigan City, Valparaiso)


The Northwest Region has taken on four green initiatives which will help the planet and save Ivy Tech “green” by:

  1. Replacing three of our aging boilers with new high efficiency models
  2. Participating in a Utilities Grant planting 17 trees strategically to assure maximum energy conservation
  3. Replacing all the hallway and restroom lighting at the Gary Campus South Building to brighter energy efficient T-8 fixtures with motion sensors in the restrooms
  4. Updating our storm water management system at the Gary Campus in compliance with Indiana Department of Environmental Management’s Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems requirements

Also, the Northwest Region has implemented a single stream recycling program serviced through Waste Management.  Recycling Bins have been distributed across each campus and office areas to promote the green initiative.

Richmond (Connersville, Richmond)

10.8.2012 Region Update

The Richmond campus participates in single-stream recycling through the use of campus-wide recycling containers, dumpsters and office and desk-side recycling containers .  Special recycling promotions also occur throughout the year.

The Richmond campus also participates in many facility-related sustainable initiatives outside the scope of the collection of waste as well as hosting student group event recycling programs.

For detail information about recycling and green initiatives at the Richmond campus, click here.

Southeast (Batesville, Lawrenceburg, Madison)

10.31.2012 Region Update

The Southeast region does a great job of promoting Green initiatives across all regional campuses.  Madison's Eco-ITS program currently recycles aluminum on the Madison campus.   Paper and cardboard are also recycled by the Phi Theta Kappa honorary society in Lawrenceburg.  Phi Theta Kappa also plays a large role by recycling empty ink cartridges and old cell phones at all the region’s campuses. The region also encourages all faculty to take full advantage of using online tools (such as electronic email and Blackboard) when communicating with students and posting papers and grades. The Southeast region will soon be purchasing additional recycling containers to be placed around our new Batesville campus to promote a Greener environment for students, faculty, and staff.

Southern Indiana (Sellersburg)

Sellesburg has made plans to celebrate Earth Day this year by performing a planting and clean up day at a local DNR property.  More than 80 volunteers are expected to participate.  Everyone is encouraged to get involved!!

Kudos to Sellersburg for finding an innovative way to implement single stream recycling through QRS Recycling.  QRS offers single stream recycling for $65/month for a weekly pick-up service, however QRS will waive the monthly fee if the region averages a 600+ lbs. of recyclables a week.

You may have noticed our college-wide GREEN slogan on the homepage, "Get Your GREEN On - It's More Than a School Color."  Last April at the Student Leadership Academy, Student Life programs from across the state competed in a contest for the most creative GREEN slogan.  Congrats to the Sellersburg Student Life program for winning this contest!  Get your GREEN on!

Southwest (Evansville, Princeton, Tell City)

Ivy Tech Community College Recyclemania

Ivy Tech Community College Southwest region serves 10 counties in southwest Indiana at three locations.  The main campus is located in Evansville, Indiana.  With two instructional sites located at Princeton and Tell City, Indiana.  This is the first year Ivy Tech Community College has participated in Recyclemania.

Ivy Tech Community College serves a student population of which 74% are working while earning their degree.  Participation in an event like Recyclemania is primarily made of small events and messaging throughout the 8 weeks.   The college formed a Recyclemania team which included Administration, Facilities, Student Services, Student Life, and Student Clubs.  They had a three prong approach – Employees, Students, and Combined.

Through the employee campaign:

- Created an informational flyer on what could be recycled

- held a recycle container contest, repurposing paper boxes

- Created an Employee video for Town Hall

- Made Recyclemania the topic of Front Line Briefings, College Council meetings, Board Meetings, and Manager Meetings.

Through the student campaign:

- Held a bake sale to bring awareness and raise funds

- Students created a recycling poster to promote Recyclemania

- PTK organized a campus and neighborhood clean-up at the end of the 8 weeks, with recycling as much as possible.

- Students created an educational video

- Students raised awareness and took on responsibility of recycle bin placement to bring convenience.

Through joint efforts of Students and Employees:

- Banner signing

- Information board displaying results, student work, and employee work.

- Recycled art gallery show was a great success with both students and employees.

- Email and Plasma screens throughout the facilities carried the message of what to recycle, where to recycle, and why to recycle.  This was combined with other messages of how to reduce waste and carbon foot print.

- Community events are shared so students and employees can continue their green efforts at home.

Ivy Tech joined University of Southern Indiana and University of Evansville in a friendly competition.  Who could increase their per capita classic numbers in the last 4 weeks the most over the 1st 4 weeks of competition.  The results will be revealed in the coming week.  Our students gladly accepted this challenge.

Alcoa Foundation and Keep America Beautiful also granted Ivy Tech Community College 100 waste watcher bins to increase our collection convenience at the main campus and two instructional sites.  We are excited to receive this grant and look forward to stronger numbers next year.

The overall results are tremendous.  The first week of measurement showed us we were only recycling 11.8% of our waste.  In week 8 of the competition, our numbers demonstrate the impact of getting the message out and sharing the spirit of recycling.  Our final week of Recyclemania resulted in 32.1% of our waste being recycled.  By educating about recycling and increasing convenience to follow through, we have tripled our recycling program.  Ivy Tech Community College is excited about the results.  We have shown that green is more than our school color.

The key to success has been the team behind this event.  We have passionate people who shared the enthusiasm and worked hard to make this event a success.  The team started out just to support this event, however will continue as the regional Green Team with the charge to continue efforts throughout the year.  The goal of the Green Team is to make recycling more convenient than throwing items away.  This would mean having recycle bins at desks and workstations, with trash bins located in central areas.

Ivy Tech Community College is the state’s largest public postsecondary institution and the nation’s largest singly accredited statewide community college system serving nearly 200,000 students annually. Ivy Tech has campuses throughout Indiana. It serves as the state’s engine of workforce development, offering affordable degree programs and training that are aligned with the needs of its community along with courses and programs that transfer to other colleges and universities in Indiana. It is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and a member of the North Central Association.

Wabash Valley (Greencastle, Terre Haute)

11.1.2012 Region Update

The Wabash Valley Regional Green Committee is actively increasing the region’s awareness and participation in green initiatives. 

The Wabash Valley Region established its recycling program several years ago: paper, plastic, aluminum, cardboard, textbooks, ink cartridges, batteries, and metal are collected. Recycling bins for the offices were donated to us by Purdue University and its grant through the Indiana Recycling Coalition. Community initiatives include an annual recycled art show for Ivy Tech students, high school students, and the community.  For Earth Day, the region partners with Goodwill to collect recyclables.

The region will be participating in the 2013 RecycleMania Tournament, in which the region will focus on increasing the amount of recyclables being collected. The committee is seeking out grants to fund the purchase of recycling bins for the classrooms.

In addition to recycling, the region is increasing its purchase of green products and use of energy-conserving practices.