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MyIvyTech FAQs

MyIvyTech, located on Campus Connect's Home tab, is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

What can I do in MyIvyTech?
For students:
  • Student Schedule
  • Add or Drop Classes
  • View account/pay bill
  • Course Search
  • Student Information
  • Set up payment plan
  • Transcript
  • Registration Status
  • Grades
  • View Holds
  • Degree Status (DARS)
  • Update address/phone
  • Financial Aid Verification and Authorization Forms
  • Financial Aid Awards
  • Financial Aid Messages
  • Contact Financial Aid
For faculty:
  • Class List
  • Academic Transcript
  • ID Selection
  • Final Grades
  • Faculty Schedule
  • CRN Selection
  • Detail Class List
  • Update address/phone

For employees:

  • Pay Stub
  • Leave Information
  • Finance SSB Menu
  • Update address/phone
How do I register for classes?
  1. Log in to Campus Connect.
  2. On the Home tab under MyIvyTech click the Add or Drop Classes link.
  3. Select the term.
  4. If you know your classes' Course Reference Numbers (CRNs) enter them into the boxes located near the bottom of the screen.  If you are registering for multiple classes, enter one CRN in each box.  When all CRNs have been entered, click the Submit Changes button.
    • If you do not know the appropriate CRNs, click on the Class Search button.  Click to select your search parameters and then click the Class Search button. Pay careful attention to Campus and Instructional Method.
    • Once you have identified the course you want, check the box on the left-hand side of the screen, scroll down to the bottom of the page, and click Register.  To register for another class, repeat the steps above and continue until you complete your schedule.
  5. After you have entered the appropriate CRNs for registration or selected them through the course search, the system will confirm the classes you have successfully registered for or will provide the reason why the class was not added to your schedule.
  6. When you are finished, click on the Student Detailed Schedule link to confirm your registration.  To print a copy of your schedule, select the Print icon from your web browser.
What does "Student not eligible to register" mean?
That message indicates that either your campus has not opened registration for the semester you selected or there's a restriction on your record that is stopping you from registering online.
What does "Course not available for registration" mean?
Not all courses are available for online registration. Some courses are competitive and some require that you meet with an advisor before enrolling.
How do I check my final semester grades?
  1. Log in to Campus Connect.
  2. Click the Grades link in the My Ivy Tech channel.
  3. Select a term.
How do I pay tuition?
  1. Log in to Campus Connect.
  2. Click the View Account/Pay Bill link in the My Ivy Tech channel.
  3. Click the I Accept button to acknowledge your acceptance of the payment terms .
How do I approve financial aid for the bookstore?
  1. Log into Campus Connect.
  2. Click the Verification & Authorization link in the My Ivy Tech channel.
  3. Select the Requirements, Verification and Documents link
  4. Select aid year
  5. Select Authorize FA to Pay Charges other than Tuition and Fees
  6. Read form and choose whether to accept or deny the authorization. Acceptance on the first option will allow books to be charged at the bookstore as long as there is available aid after tuition and fees are covered. Acceptance of the second option will allow previous balances from the previous aid year only up to $200 to be covered by current semester financial aid.
  7. Click submit button at bottom of authorization after choosing an option on both authorizations.
  8. Exit the system.
  9. Account at bookstore will be available the next day.
What do the building codes mean?
Need to know what the building codes mean?  Click here