Academic Advising
Mission & Goals

Mission for Academic Advising:

Academic advising is a joint effort shared by faculty, staff and students.  In this partnership, advising is not something advisors do to or for students, but something advisors and students do together over a period of time.  The advisor’s task is to guide students toward accepting responsibility for mature, academic decision-making in relationship to career and life goals.

Goals for Academic Advising:

Academic Advising will help students to:

  1. Successfully access and navigate higher education.
  2. Clarify life and career goals.
  3. Develop goal-oriented educational plans.
  4. Interpret academic requirements and select appropriate courses.
  5. Access available internal and external resources that enhance their education.
  6. Identify other experiences that will enhance their life, educational, and cultural goals.
  7. Develop critical thinking, decision-making, and independent learning skills.
  8. Evaluate their progress toward career and life goals, degree completion, and transfer.