How do I access Blackboard?


Blackboard is Ivy Tech's online course management system that can be used by both distance and on-campus students. Blackboard can be accessed several places, including the Ivy Tech Online link and Campus Connect login page and Campus Connect Quick Links. Blackboard can also be accessed directly at

How do I reset my Blackboard password?

You can reset your password via the Reset Password link on the Campus Connect login page.

How do I organize the grade center?

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How do I make backups of online courses and grade center?

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I am registered for a class, but it does not appear in Blackboard. What do I do?

Classes do not appear in your Blackboard account until the official start date of that course. To view the official start date for your class, please log in to Campus Connect and view your student schedule. You will see the start and end dates on your schedule. If the start date has already passed and the course is not listed in Blackboard, please contact the Helpdesk.

What is Blackboard IM?

Tutorial: What is Blackboard IM?

Blackboard IM is an academic-centric instant collaboration solution designed to promote learning through group work and academic and administrative help. One of the main differences between Blackboard IM and other collaboration solutions is that Blackboard IM synchronizes with your institution's enrollment records. This means that students and teachers are automatically connected with other Blackboard IM users enrolled in the same courses. Blackboard IM also includes advanced features such as video chat, screen sharing, and a robust whiteboard, which allow everyone at your institution to collaborate and communicate quickly and easily. To on the Communications & Tools link in the online course menu for information about Blackboard IM Sign Up.

How do I synchronize Blackboard IM accounts?

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How do I participate in Blackboard IM?

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What is Wimba?

The Wimba classroom is an online meeting room in which you can interact with a tutor and fellow students by talking, listening, drawing and writing. You can also use video if you want. Other options are:

You should arrive 15 minutes before the scheduled session time so you can check your system and talk to your fellow students.

Where do I find Wimba tools?

Wimba tools are located in the Communication & Tools area in the online course menu. Click on the appropriate link to access the Wimba tool.

How can I create a Wimba presentation for my class?

Tutorial: Wimba Classroom-Participant Guide (Version 6.0)

How do I participate in a Wimba presentation?

What guidelines can I provide for my students to prepare for a Wimba session?

Can my students present class projects using Wimba presentation?

Yes. Your students can present class projects using Wimba presentation.

How can I allow students who cannot attend a Wimba presentation to view the presentation?

Students who cannot attend a Wimba session can view the archive of the presentation. You can archive the Wimba session during the presentation and make the link available to students who cannot attend the session.

How do I create a Voice Board?

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How do I send a Voice Email?

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How do I create a Voice Podcaster?

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